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Rocksmith 2014 Edition - Optimize Your Audio Setup. and learn how to properly set up your television and sound system and minimize lag for the best Rocksmith 2014 experience. 🎸 5 WAYS TO. The game Rocksmith should come with a USB cable that plugs into the console and the oppisite end has a 1/4 inch stereo jack that plugs into the you do not have the cable one can be purchaced online. Final Summary Rocksmith is great for beginners if you use the right methods Use the 10/10/30/10 method, focus on songs with power chords, and practice every single day.if you can't commit to the whole hour.missing a day or two along the way is acceptable as well. Hope this helps the beginners, which includes me, in their musical journey.

Best way to hook up rocksmith:

Jul 22, 2015 I had a helluva time getting it set up. I basically just messed around with resolution settings in Windows, on my TV, and within Rocksmith. Finally got something to work. The way it's set up now, if I just play on my laptop screen, the full screen game doesn't reach the sides of the monitor, but it looks perfect on the TV. There's an inherent delay in the Rocksmith RealTone cable to do some ADC analog-digital conversion, frequency analysis, etc of your guitar's output and for the Rocksmith software to interpret it, run it through its software mixer the pedals, amps, etc you have set up, and then send the audio out. How to use RS in the most efficient way. This part is the heart of this guide, written for people who look past the game-y aspects and really want to use RS efficiently - and that means to learn songs as quickly and accurately as possible.

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Playing Rocksmith is a great way to help build up your finger strength because it gives you exposure to all different types of chord shapes and techniques. Since the game covers so many different genres of music, you’ll have the opportunity to work your fingers in different ways. A NOTE ABOUT OPTICAL AUDIO We do not recommend using an optical output for playing Rocksmith® 2014 on Xbox 360 or PlayStation®3 system, as it can introduce additional latency when compared to those systems’ analog connections. Thanks to hardware and software improvements inherent to Xbox One and PlayStation®4 system, however, we do.

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Feb 09, 2018 This video shows you five ways to connect your guitar to a pc or laptop the last to is extra, the best way is with a usb soundcard because your pc can handle the sound especialy if you use plug. The best way to connect your guitar amp to your games console is to use a couple of adaptors to connect the RCA plugs on the Playstation3 or XBox 360 adaptor cables to the AUX in jacks on the amp.

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